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Community Support Services

Helping seniors and caregivers to remain independent and healthy


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There is something for everyone at the GWSA, regardless of ability.  Our programming is led by the needs of our members


Volunteering at the GWSA


We welcome any individuals interested in getting involved and becoming a  GWSA volunteer


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Become a Member

You are among friends. We currently have more than 2,600 members and offer more than 40 activity groups led by 500+ peer volunteers


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Find out what’s going on with your Favourite Activity Groups

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You're among friends.

Meet new people or gather with people you know.

There is something for everyone.

Regardless of ability, we have a variety of program and workshops available.

We're here for you.

As a voice for Guelph and Wellington’s older adults, we take an active role in advocating for what matters to you.

Membership is what you make of it.

Our programming is led by the needs of our 2,600+ members. Join a group you like, or start your own.


  • The GWSA has enabled me to continue skiing at Blue Mountain.

  • A great way to meet new people during the outings of the walking club!

  • The GWSA keeps me active and socially connected to the community.

    Ross C.
  • Get to the point and play darts!

  • The GWSA is my ‘go to place’ for healthy, active living.

    Dorothe F.
  • I enjoy getting together with like-minded people to expand my view of my interests.  Above all, I like being involved and helping others.

    Jean M.
  • The GWSA is a great place to volunteer!  This is a really good way to meet new people.

    Ross K.
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