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COVID-19 Update for Volunteering:

There are currently no “in-person” volunteer positions at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre.

The GWSA is currently recruiting for Virtual Volunteers to assist with Committees, Special Events and on the GWSA Board of Directors.  Please see the positions listed below. 

The Guelph Wellington Seniors Association (GWSA) is a not-for-profit, charitable organization run by volunteers serving approximately 2,700 members in the Guelph-Wellington area. The following areas are recruiting volunteers to join the dynamic teams in supporting the many different activities, programs and services offered by the GWSA.

Please speak to Becky MacDonald (519-822-1260 X 2096) OR  [email protected] for information on any of the volunteer opportunities listed below.


The Board is looking to recruit up to four (4) new members. Experience in law, fundraising and HR are an asset. The Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 9:30 virtually (min of 8 meetings per year). Duties include: being an active member on the board and assisting where needed on committees; provide reports and updates to all members; review monthly financial statements; report Board issues to the Committee and report the Committee’s issues to the Board; participate in self-development training, where and when appropriate.


The GWSA is looking for someone to assist with the monthly email updates. This is a part time position, once a month.

  • Access to a computer
  • Publishing/editor experience
  • Assist with the monthly email updates to stay connected with the community


The GWSA is looking for up to three (3) additional members. The Governance Committee assists the Board of Directors with the development and review of bylaws, policies, and procedures for the Association.

  • Morning meetings during a few months of the year.
  • Experience in governance with a not-for-profit organization
  • Knowledge of legislative requirements
  • A keen interest in document research, development, and review would be helpful.


The Governance Committee is looking for someone with a laptop and who is interested in taking minutes at the meeting and updating any documents as needed.


Three (3) more committee members needed to join the team. Meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 9:30 am. The committee reports to the Board for all membership and marketing initiatives, focusing on the maximum interest of members and advancement of the Board’s Strategic Plan. The Committee provides content and messaging advice to the webmaster for the website and social media accounts and prepares monthly GWSA Email Updates. Marketing and recruitment experience would definitely be assets, but are not required.

  • Monitors membership satisfaction
  • Develops plans to improve member recruitment and retention
  • Marketing responsibilities include arranging for media coverage and creating advertisements
  • Developing promotional material
  • Arranging special events such as Open House and New Members’ Welcome – either virtually or in-person as appropriate.


Attend regular M&M meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 9:30 am.

  • Distribute publications once per month or as needed
  • Solicit, investigate and assemble items
  • Maintain the list of subscribers


Advise the Board of Directors and provide technical leadership in support of the Strategic Plan.


Production support: we need a group of technically savvy and interested members to prioritize a list of needed projects for planning and implementation.

Experience in: electrician, sound tech, lighting technician, carpentry or design would be useful, and possibly computer aided design skills.


IT (Information Technology):

– Make hardware and software recommendations to address employee and volunteer needs including the Board, Finance Committee and members.

– Oversee a small wireless network.

– Provide guidance regarding the technical aspects of the website and membership mailing list.

– Establish a modest A/V recording/live streaming studio

Interest and background experience in IT, including network management and video production would be assets.


The Committee is looking for enthusiastic, dedicated individuals who like to work as a team and have an interest in theatre to lead in the following areas for this year virtual show:


Producer:  Produce and Direct the Variety show. Locate and secure acts, overall organization of the show.


Retirement Homes Coordinator:  Coordinate with the retirement homes for ticket sales


Stage Manager:

– Attends pre-show committee meetings

– Coordinates with Producer on programme. Makes show cue sheet for acts, their requirements and technical directions

– Works with Lighting and Sound personnel for the show

– Responsible for getting stage crew

– Runs the show using cue sheet schedule. Makes sure cast caller has acts ready to go on stage ahead of time.


Secretary:   The Secretary assists with preparing the agenda for the meeting and taking notes and distributing to all committee members in a timely fashion


Hospitality and House: Make sure everything is ready for the day of the Variety Show and organize the event to run smoothly.


Please speak to Becky MacDonald (519-822-1260 X 2096) OR  [email protected] for information on any of the volunteer opportunities shown above.


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