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About the Evergreen Centre

How can I view the current events at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre on the website?

The live Activity Calendar is available from the  drop down menu under Activities at the top of the GWSA home page. Monthly calendars are also published in the Sentinel newsletter.

Can I get The Sentinel delivered to my home? Mailed? Download online?

You can have the Sentinel delivered to your address as part of your annual membership fee. Please check the Join GWSA page of call the GWSA (519-823-1291) for information on the membership fees. Additional copies of the Sentinel are available at the Front Desk at a cost of $3.00 each + HST.

How can I receive the GWSA Email Updates? I joined the GWSA but have not received them.

The GWSA Email Updates are optional to anyone who wants them and do not start automatically with membership. Simply sign up for Email Updates at the bottom of the web pages. There is no cost to this service and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Is it possible to rent rooms at the Evergreen Centre for community events?

Yes, the City of Guelph rents out rooms or the auditorium for your group or club meetings or special events. Please visit the Services page for details, or make a booking request on the Contact Us page.

Do I have to be a senior to volunteer at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre?

No, GWSA policies do not require anyone to be a senior to volunteer at the Evergreen or the GWSA, and our insurance covers all volunteers.  In fact, those younger that 55 can often bring different skills and perspectives that benefit the members. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Becky MacDonald, Coordinator of Volunteer Services.

What provisions are available for persons with disabilities?

The GWSA and the City of Guelph have Accessibility policies and make great efforts to accommodate everyone who has a disability. The Accessibility Policy is available under the Activities menu of the website.

Member / Non-member Rights or Privileges

Do I have to be 55 or older to join?

Membership in the GWSA is open to anyone 55 years of age or older or the spouse/partner of a member. We also welcome people under 55 years of age to apply if they have special needs or have skills that will contribute to the Activity Groups or Committees. You can submit a request for consideration (under 55) through the website form. There are many ways to help!

Do I have to be a member of the GWSA to eat in the Evergreen Restaurant?

Anyone can eat in Bistro 683- the Evergreen Restaurant. It is operated by the City of Guelph, open to the public and a GWSA membership is not required.

How can I register to volunteer with the GWSA?

To begin the process for volunteering with the GWSA, use the Support Us tab at top to reach the Volunteer section, and complete the registration process under Volunteer Application. Once the registration has been completed and sent, someone will be in touch with you regarding your application. See our Volunteer Page for details.

Can I register for card games/group activities/volunteering online?
  • People wanting to register for any GWSA Activity Groups or courses must use the  RecEnroll process.That can all be done online or through any City of Guelph Recreation desk, including the Evergreen Centre.
  • GWSA membership registrations must be done in person or over the phone. We need to know they have registered, give them a GWSA membership card and a new member package.  Online is not an option for GWSA membership.
  • Visit the Support Us section on how to Volunteer
Can I start my own Activity Group with the GWSA?

We are always looking for interesting new ideas for our seniors association. If you have a great idea and some people to help form a group, you can submit an application form for a new group through our Activities page. Your application will be reviewed by the Program Committee.

Do you have to be a GWSA member to go on trips?

Those interested in Trips, Travel, and Tours must be a member of the GWSA. The price of membership is reasonable and provides many other benefits. There are exceptions for those who are accompanying members with disabilities. 

Do you have to be a member of the GWSA to participate in activities?

Registration for activity groups is done through RecEnroll. You need to be a GWSA member to enrol in the GWSA activities.  There are some exceptions for those assisting members with disabilities.

Is any financial assistance available for membership or activity fees?

If you need financial assistance in order to participate, please apply to the FAIR program. Subsidies are available for membership fees and activities through an application form.  To make this possible, the GWSA contributes to the FAIR fund each year. Select Fee Assistance from the Activities menu.

How do I deal with any issues that happen with others at the Centre?

Please use the link in the Activities section for all procedures needed. You can alsop approach the Executive Director at the Evergreen Centre about any issues, or use the Contact Forms available on the website.

How do I address issues of harassment or discrimination?

The GWSA takes issues of harassment, discrimination, and violence very seriously through clearly articulated policies. Any issues should be addressed through the Executive Director and, as needed, the Board of Directors. Use the Contact Us forms provided on this website or, in case of an urgent situation, speak with the GWSA and City staff on site at the Evergreen Centre. The police should be contacted immediately in any emergency that risks the safety of self or others.

Services for Seniors

How can I find out what Canadian Federal and Provincial programs and services are available to seniors?

The Government of Canada publishes a document entitled Services for Seniors Guide: A Guide to Government of Canada Services for Seniors and their Families, which contains information on federal programs and services directed to seniors.

A corresponding Provincial Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors is here.

The Province of Ontario has also published Aging with Confidence: Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors.

You can find links to many other useful government and community services for seniors under the ‘Services’ tab of this website. Check out the ‘External Links’.

Where can I get help with my income tax forms?

The Canada Revenue Agency operates a Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. Call 1-800-959-8281 to find one in your area, or check the web site.

There is also a tax specialist who does personal taxes for a nominal charge at the Evergreen. Enquire at the front desk (519-823-1291) for making an appointment during tax time.

What do I do if I suspect telephone or other fraudulent activities?

Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre; or call 1-888-495-8501

Where can I upgrade my skills as an older driver?

The Canada Safety Council offers driver refresher training courses called 55 Alive

Are there any programs that offer assistance to seniors who need to make adaptations/renovations to their home?

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has several financial assistance programs for low-income seniors, such as:


How can I get information about my provincial health insurance plan, such as: Does it cover me when I am out of the province? How do I get a health card? Is there a program to help purchase assisting devices? What are the drug benefits, etc?

You can find information on Ontario’s Health Insurance Plan by clicking here.

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