GWSA presents BINGO at the Evergreen Center




Doors open @ 1:30pm;  Games start at 1:45pm


Room 4


$15/book – 11 games


Bingo is often popular because it’s fun and doesn’t require difficult movements. However, it provides more benefits than just simple amusement. Playing this game can actually have impressive effects on your overall health. Bingo can be a great hobby because of these six benefits. 

1. Provides Valuable Mental Exercise

Bingo is an excellent way to keep the brain active. People who play bingo need to remember their numbers, think about patterns required for winning, and identify various sounds and images. This mental stimulation helps boost or maintain cognitive abilities and enjoy a high quality of life.  

2. Boosts Fine Motor Skills

Placing markers on tiny squares employs fine motor skills like grasping objects, moving them small distances, and using precise hand movements. Those with arthritis may benefit from this gentle form of hand exercise. Regularly using these skills can prevent deterioration and atrophy.

3. Creates A Social Life

Bingo can be a valuable source of socialization because it provides the opportunity to meet with friends in a stress-free setting. Seniors can focus on the game while chatting with their neighbours.

4. Encourages Better Physical Health

Being able to spend time relaxing and playing games with friends can lower the risk of certain health conditions. Many researchers have found that those with active social lives tend to be happier and healthier. 

5. Increases Hand-Eye Coordination

The fast-paced movements required in bingo can boost hand-eye coordination because they strengthen brain pathways used to calculate distance and move muscles.

6. Prevents Boredom & Depression

Playing bingo on a regular basis gives you something to look forward to, and it can keep you busy and excited for hours. This sort of hobby can relieve or prevent symptoms of depression and anxiety.