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Our Club goals are:

  • Learning and upgrading some computer skills.
  • Providing for some of the needs of beginners and also more advanced users.
  • Helping with problems presented by those present, and coming up with suggestions on how to solve them.
  • Arranging demonstrations and speakers on timely computer topics.
  • Meeting others who have similar interests in this very broad field.
  • Trying to meet other needs as identified by members.
  • We welcome fresh ideas for meeting presentations such as photo libraries, cloud storage, image editting software, file sharing and browsers.

We ask for $3.00 per person (or family), per meeting, most of which is applied to the upkeep of our Centre’s computer equipment.

Ken Chupa ([email protected])

Allen Quackenbush ([email protected])

September, November, January, March, May

2nd Monday – 2:00-4:00 pm

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