Activities for Mind and Body


We’ve collected some interesting web sites you may wish to try, individually or connected to others, and you might learn about an activity that interests you for later.


While there is some free content available, please keep in mind these links connect to external sites not affiliated with  GWSA, each with its own offers and terms and conditions.

Art and Crafts—Basics

Bunka Art —Introduction

Origami—patterns and tutorials

Watercolour—Basic Techniques

Art and Crafts—Cloth Face Masks

Government of Canada—Instructions for Sew and No-Sew Face Masks

No-Sew Mask—using bandana; multilayer; elastic ties

Sewn Mask—fabric multilayer; elastic ear loops

Sewn Mask—fabric; multilayer; fabric ties

Art and Culture—Canadian Museums

Aga Khan Museum—Museum without Walls—exhibitions, performances

Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)—talks, lessons, permanent collection

Canadian History Museum— a virtual museum

Canadian Human Rights Museum—stories, virtual tours

Montreal Holocaust Museum—amazing stories of survival

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts—explore fine art by themes

Museum of Contemporary Art—home studies, displays, interviews

Textile Museum of Canada—learning, exhibits, even mask-making webinars

Art and Culture—Experiences 

All About Monet—Travels and colours

Artists and Their Works—Over 9000 

Art Movements—120 to choose from

Art Therapy—activities to try, with video

Examine a Van Gogh—Very close up

Experience Culture—From 360 degrees

Gallery Collections—world tour

Montreal Murals—in 360 °

Museums and Galleries—Explore 1200

Quebec—download a free colouring book

Salsa Lessons—from Puerto Rico

Social Distancing Festival—music and art from everywhere

Zoom in on Famous Works

Books—Virtual Library

Guelph Public Library—virtual book club

Open Library—Thousands of free print and audio books 


Virtual Canoe Trip—use mouse for 360 degree video view

Canoe Paddling—Tips

Computer Training

Keyboarding—Learn to Type lessons


Milk Street Cooking School—some classes free


Future Learn—British Open University

Educational Programs

CBC GEM—Live shows, documentaries, large collection 

CTV Live and Archive—Live shows, movies, large collection

Documentary Tube—Documentaries by categories, topics, and top 100 

TVO Archive—Educational TV- Four decades of Ontario Programming 


Chair Yoga for Seniors—15 minutes of relaxing chair exercises for flexibility

Gentle Exercise Seated or Standing—20 minutes for seniors

Healthy Seniors Movement—Tten10-15 minute exercise videos

Virtual Activities for 60+ —Live Webex groups (Mississauga)

Virtual Fitness—Live via Zoom (Mississauga)

VON–Low-Level Exercise Class

VON—Moderate Level Exercise Class

VON—High-Level Exercise Class

Walking—balance and agility (2 min tutorial)

Walking—Nordic poles (2 min tutorial)  

Walking—progressions (2 min tutorial)  

Walking—techniques for improving (2 min tutorial) 

Walking—1 mile walk at home (15 min)

Walking—virtual walks worldwide

Walking Workout—10 minutes for seniors

Walking—fast walk at home (30 min)

Workout Videos—for all ages (Mississauga)


Resilience—how would you treat a friend?

Finding Silver Linings—changing the outlook

Overcoming a Fear—tackling what scares you 

Self-Compassion Break—one way to manage stress 

Self-Compassionate Letter—being kind to your self 

Body Scan Meditation—reduce tension and relax

Raisin Meditation—enjoy everyday pleasures

Mindful Breathing—manage a stressful moment


All Categories (Zoomer)—Word, Cards, Arcade, Puzzles, Strategy, Quizzes

All Categories (AARP)—Mahjongg, Pool, Chess, Cards, Word Games, Arcade

Arcade Games 

Billiards: Multiplayer—Assorted Pool and Snooker 

Billiards: Individual—Play 8 ball against computer 

Board Games—Checkers, Chess, Reversi, and more

Cards (AARP)—Bridge, Solitaires, Blackjack

Cards (Zoomer)—Bridge, Hearts Multiplayer, Solitaires


Chess—Individual—Learn and play against computer



Jigsaw Puzzles—visiting Myrtle Beach

Mahjongg—Many variations on a popular game

Mahjong- Reader’s Digest

Mensa Quiz—You don’t need to qualify to try this mental workout

Puzzles—Sudoku, Jigsaw, Word Search, Crossword

Quizzes—Tests of Knowledge and Trivia 

Readers Digest Games—Crosswords, games, and quizzes

Word Games (Zoomer)—Crosswords, Word Search, Scramble, Anagram

Word Games (AARP)—Crosswords, Word Search, Scramble, Anagram, True/False

Strategy Games (AARP)—Backgammon, Chess, Bridge, Sudoku

Games—Table Games—Learn some Basics for Later

Bridge—How to Play

Canasta—How to Play 

Cribbage—How to Play

Dominoes—How to Play 

Euchre—How to Play 


Family Search—Trace Your Ancestors for free  

Gymnasium Activities

Badminton Basics—Quick Introduction on How to Play

Badminton Tips—Advice from a Trainer

Pickleball Basics—Quick introductory video

Shuffleboard—Introductory Lesson


Table Tennis—How to Play (wikiHow)

Table Tennis—Video lessons including rules, grips, and play


Artifacts—Examine closely—from Prehistory to Present Day

Explore the British Museum

Historical Events in Depth—Over 600 to explore

Historical Figures—Meet over 6000

Tour the Vatican

Line Dancing

Line Dances for Seniors and Beginners—Basic steps in 35 minutes


Ambient sounds—lakeside ambience birds and water

Relaxing Celtic Music

Calming music—with images

Focus— Get into your productive zone with cerebral instrumentals.

Peace—Music to help appreciate all that is good.

Sleep—After a day of activity while sheltering, drift off to sleep.

Tranquility—Settle in for contemplation and self-care.


Classical Music—Live streams of concerts

Classical Music—More Concerts

Lincoln Centre Orchestra—Recordings and live streams

London UK Symphony Orchestra—Playlists

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra—Full Concerts

Online Choir—participate in a free online choir, using Zoom

The Met Orchestra— Members Playing from Homes

Musical Instruments—Learn about instruments and hear amazing performances

Royal Opera House—Enjoy ballet and opera performances

Ukelele—learn to strum 37 songs with videos, chords, lyrics

World Music—Over 1000 music channels of free music worldwide


Photography—The Basics in 10 minutes

Photography—15 Online Lessons


How Stuff Works—Health, Science, Auto, Quizzes, Podcasts

Inventions and Discoveries—from 100 Museums


Comedy—comedians and pranks from Just for Laughs

The Making Box—comedy classes and performances


National Parks—Top 13 US National Parks in HD

Virtual Travel (Expedia)—Country tours, gardens, archaeology, music

What Pilots see—incredible views from above

Travel the World

Explore Culture from Around the Globe

Georgia Aquarium—Live cams- penguins, piranhas, sea lions, and more

Hawaii Island Hopping—Look around the Islands at your pace with Google Earth

Italy—Explore 150 Cultural Institutions

Kenya—Meet the People

Live Cameras Galore—Everything from puppies and kittens to African lions

Palace of Versailles—Explore one of France’s most famous sites

Panoramic Views from the Top of Buildings

Ripley’s Toronto—Watch the shark tank— live

Roller Coaster—Ride your Favourites

San Diego Zoo—Visit 3500 Animals—many live cams

St. Petersburg Russia—A 5 hour tour in one continuous shot

Tour Famous Sites and Landmarks

Virtual Reality—Lots of 360 Videos

Visit 10 European Heritage Sites

Walk through a Redwood Forest—A long, relaxing walking tour in 4K

Worldwide Attractions—virtual tours

Travel the World- City Walks

Around the World—Hike the Alps, Mayan Ruins, Scotland, and more (narrated)

Australia—Markets, Parks, and Walking Tours (narrated)

Paris—Stroll through past sites and landmarks (19km—without narration)

Silent Walker—Trek though Spain, Thailand, Portugal, and more (no narration)

Singapore—Walking, shopping, and cycling (no narration)

Tokyo at night—45 minute stroll through busy streets in 4K (no narration)


Webex Tutorials—online

Zoom—10 tips and tricks you may not know

Zoom—looking your best 

Zoom Videoconferencing—training

Zoom Videoconferencing-signup


Daily Writing Tips

Gratitude Journal Templates—ideas, exercises, and prompts

Gratitude Journal Affirmations—positive messages for creativity

Stay Home and Write—Self-isolation writing activities


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