Meeting day: Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Auditorium Stage
Club Contact: Ken Orchard at 519-826-9335

**You don’t have to come all three days, just come on the days you can. ***


​Cancellations for November: November 4, 10, 11, 18 and 29

Spring 2017 GWSA Darts Club
Photo: Ross Knechtel


The GWSA Darts Club was formed in 1998 with its membership open to all members of the Guelph Wellington Seniors Association. Beginners are welcome. This is a great club to make new friends; no leagues, just great pick-up fun.

On the last Friday of the month we get together for lunch. This is not mandatory, only if you want to. Each person pays for his or her own lunch.

Also just a reminder to keep your GWSA Membership current.

 (Seated in the Front Row)
   Email Contact:
PRESIDENT:   Ken Orchard
TREASURER:   Janet Orchard
SECRETARY:   Margaret Waldron
SICK LIAISON:   Audrey Blacklock

High Scorers for October 2017

Marjorie S. 180;  Bob McG. 140; Gord K. 135; Bill A. 222 out/113 out/133; Barry A. 132; Ken O. 131; Kathryn W. 126; Audrey B. 125; Vera G. 124; Ed W. 121; Bruce F 118; Fred L 118; Janet O. 118; Hester W. 117; Reno F. 116; Stan F. 113; Barry S. 112;  Len P. 111 out/110; David W. 108;  Margaret W. 222 out/105; Judy K. 105; Derek C. 105; 


A Few Members Captured in Action

(Photos: Ross Knechtel)

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