May & April (2017) Issues

  • The Sentinel is the GWSA’s newsletter, published 10 times during the year as an included member service (January to June: Summer edition; September to December).
  • It is available at the front desk in the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre on the last Thursday of each month, except June and July. The December Issue is also distributed early because of the Christmas Holidays. Arrangements can be made to have the Sentinel delivered or mailed to you for an additional charge to your membership fee.
  • The Sentinel is your best and most immediate source of information about ongoing activities and news about the GWSA. It is also a means of sharing comments and observations.
  • The May 2017 Sentinel can be viewed here in a book-like format. You can flip the pages just as if you were reading a paper copy.  The April 2017 Sentinel can be viewed the same way here.
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