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GWSA Book Clubs

Here is the information about the GWSA Book Club

The GWSA Book Club meets on the LAST Friday of the month, at 1 pm, in the Boardroom of the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre.

Here are the details about the books that the club is reading:

Members read a wide variety of books of different genres including; historical fictions, mysteries, plays, classical novels, popular education, and scientific literature.

We attend the reading sessions at The Bookshelf, and often have lively discussions about the books read.

Beside the love of literature, we also share memories from the past. Many of us are of different origins, and from various countries, which enlarges our cultural and humanitarian horizon.

Here is a list of books that we are going to read in the months ahead and those that we have read in months past:

EVERGREEN BOOK CLUB      September to December 2017

Flame Tree Road SEPTEMBER Shona Patel
All My Puny Sorrows OCTOBER Miriam Toews
Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania NOVEMBER Erik Larsen
Barbarian Lost: Travels in New China DECEMBER Alexandre Trudeau
  • We meet on the LAST Friday of EVERY month at 1 pm in the Board Room of the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre.

For more information contact Diana Cormier, 519-780-2074.


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