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Supporting Seniors to Age with Confidence — Evergreen Seniors Centre being used as a model for 40 other Senior Active Living Centres across the Province

Caption: (from left to right) Ken Chupa (V.P., GWSA), MPP Liz Sandals and Dorothe Fair (President, GWSA) ———————————————— Guelph residents along with the population across Ontario are aging. There are currently 2 million seniors in the province with that number expected to double to 4.6 million within the next 25 years. This means there are now more people in Ontario 65 and older than under...

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‘Can you hear me?’: New phone scam tricks you into saying, ‘Yes’ Posted February 7, 2017 Article Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/can-you-hear-me-phone-scam-warning-bbb-1.3970312) From encrypted passwords to padlocked doors, Canadians will go to extreme lengths to avoid scammers. Now it may not be safe to pick up the phone. A new scam has surfaced that relies on your voice to answer a simple question: “Can you hear...

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