Compass will assume the Seniors Offering Support (SOS) telephone program from the Guelph Wellington Seniors’ Association (GWSA) this April. The free of charge telephone visiting service for isolated seniors will complement Compass’ existing Telephone Support services, which include Distress Line and TeleConnect and LGBTQ+ Support Lines.

The continuing goal of the SOS program will be matching volunteers with seniors through weekly telephone calls. The program helps lessen isolation and improve support systems and connections to the community to help seniors effectively manage everyday problems related to aging and living independently. Throughout the pandemic, these friendly calls have been providing a social lifeline and a sense of belonging for those experiencing social isolation.

“Adding the SOS service will augment our ability to ensure senior safety at a time when maintaining relationships and connectedness are vital,” said executive director Joanne Young Evans. “Volunteers and clients will share stories, reminisce, talk about interests, and learn about programs and activities. Knowing that they are valued members of the community and that people care about their wellbeing can make a tremendous difference in seniors’ quality of life.”

In addition to assuming the program from GWSA, Compass will also welcome the SOS volunteers in the transition, thus ensuring the seamless continuation of service and established trusted connections between volunteers and clients.

Press release 2022 04 18

Compass Responds to SOS by Assuming Telephone Visiting Service for Seniors