Reach out to other seniors to connect with them! This year Parkwood has been working to provide programs that meet the needs of all our community members. We’ve noticed that many of our seniors are not able to connect with their community with the current COVID risks and restrictions. We’d like to help ease the stress of connections by offering seniors in our community a program that will match them to someone they can form connections with.

This program is self directed, meaning the participants will pick how many times they’d like to connect with each other. They’ll also have a chance to pick which method of contact they prefer to use.

GWSA members are being offered the chance to participate in this program. The program is specifically designed to connect seniors to each other in ways that work best for them.

The Parkwood Neighbourhood Group would be happy to help form any accommodations based on the needs of any registrants.

You have the choice to connect by phone, email, over dinner, by snail mail, over Zoom, or any other way you can think of!
Register Now!

Anyone interested in this program can use this link to register:

Seniors can also sign up through emailing [email protected].

Seniors Connect

  1. Description: To reach out to another senior to connect with them on a 1 to 5x a month basis using a contact method that works for you both.
  2. Time Commitment required – Flexible: based on the needs of the two seniors.
  3. How would potential volunteers sign up – Register through this link:

Paper registration can also be provided.

If you need more information please contact

Parkwood Gardens Neighbourhood Group
21 Imperial Road South
Guelph, ON N1K 1X3