Sunday, Februrary 12th, 2023.

Total cost: Members only – $45.00  non-refundable.

Registration starts on Monday, January 2nd, 2023. 

Booking deadline is Wednesday, February 1st, 2023.  

Come with us to see a dramatic comedy at the Elmira Theatre –

Salt-Water Moon is a play written by David French and takes place on a moonlit night in August 1926  (warning: fog machine will be used on his production )

Leave:    Evergreen Parking Lot: 12:20pm noon,    Carousel: 12:30 pm

Return: 4:45 pm

Refund Policy:

This trip is NON-REFUNDABLE; doctor’s certificates will not be accepted. Should there be a mandatory provincial shutdown due to COVID-19 or GWSA cancels the trip due to lack of participation, all participants will receive a full refund to their method of payment. Don’t Wait! That means booking your trip before the trip must be cancelled due to low participation. It takes time to put these trips together and we need your commitment to make these trips happen! The Travel Committee must give the number of bookings by the booking deadline, if there are not enough reservations at that time, the trip will be cancelled!

Accessibility: unfortunately, there will be no wheelchair accessibility as we are going by school bus 

Parking: Please do NOT  park your vehicles in the Evergreen parking lot while you are on a day trip. Vehicles must be left at the Carousel parking area in Riverside Park where you will board the bus. This allows for other members to have a place to park when they come throughout the day.

PROCEDURES FOR BOOKING THIS TRIP: All participants will be required to have a current GWSA membership. If your membership needs renewal, please see the front desk staff at the Centre. The contact list is available on the GWSA website located on the Trips, Travel and Tours page. If you are unable to print this form, copies will be available from a Travel Committee member the day of the trip.

Registration will be available until the trip is fully booked, or booking is closed on February 1st, 2023.

Register online (preferred): Sign up for a RecEnroll account with the City of Guelph:

 Register by telephone: By contacting Customer Service at the Evergreen Seniors Centre at 519-823-1291. MasterCard, Visa, Amex or Visa Debit can be accepted for online or telephone booking. (as long as your credit cards are registered on your account) 

Register at the front desk at the Evergreen until the trip is fully booked, or booking is closed.