GWSA is guided by the requirements of the province, WDG Public Health, and the City of Guelph.

In March, the province removed the general compliance rules on masking, physical distancing, and screening. Many of our members continue to wear masks. We ask that everyone respect individual decisions around comfort and safety. Seniors have greater risks from COVID-19 infection, and the decision of whether to wear a mask is a personal one.

-Masks are optional in City of Guelph recreation centres including the Evergreen Centre.

-Proof of vaccination is no longer required in City of Guelph recreation centres, including the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre and West End Community Centre.

-Room capacities have returned to normal. This allows the GWSA to increase the numbers our activities and events can accommodate.

Regulations still mandate masking in specific locations which include public transit, hospitals and health care clinics, long-term care and retirement homes, specified residential care facilities and congregate care settings, laboratories and homeless shelters.

Effective April 11, 2022:

With the sixth wave upon us, the province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health is strongly recommending people to:

-wear a well-fitted  three-layer mask or medical mask (such as N95) when indoors;

-keep immunizations up-to-date, including the second booster shot now available to those over 60;

-monitor daily for symptoms and test with free rapid tests or PCR tests as needed; and

-be aware if they qualify for antiviral medications, which are available at no cost and are most effective when taken promptly after infection.

Check the GWSA website for our most current information.