In-Person GWSA Programs: Cancelled.

It seems that we are becoming a resilient bunch as we learn to adapt to change. We know how this works and we have learned what to do.  

All in-person GWSA programs and activities are cancelled until we reopen.  

  • The Evergreen Centre and other City of Guelph recreation facilities will be in full closure until January 31, 2022. 
  • Our GWSA activities resume on February 1, 2022.

We can be thankful that steps are being taken to protect all individuals and to keep our health care system available for anyone who needs it for emergencies. 

Having been in the situation before, activity groups know that they are encouraged to conduct virtual programming (through Zoom, etc.) as in the last shut down, but we cannot provide any in-person GWSA programming at this time. For all members, take time to stay connected if you can, to mitigate the effects of social isolation over the next while. 

We shall keep everyone up to date with any further changes as things unfold.  

Perhaps we can take time to express gratitude for many things in our lives in relation to those who are less fortunate. For now, we hope that everyone will take the necessary measures to stay safe, while we look forward to and prepare for our next opportunities to meet again.