From City of Guelph. The City is very interested in hearing how we can meet the needs of our senior population, now and as the demographic of our city evolves.

We have just recently launched the Park Plan engagement, and hearing from seniors would be of tremendous interest.  What we hear will help guide how we plan to invest and improve our park system.  If that is of interest, you can find that engagement here:

Input from members of the Guelph Wellington Seniors Association would help us identify how best to invest in our park system and prioritize between different objectives.  If your members are interested I believe it could have a tremendous impact and would be appreciated by city staff.

This particular project is focused on replacing the playground infrastructure at a point in time that balances the lifecycle of the equipment between the initial capital investment and ongoing operational costs. 

We do try to make improvements to the sites to make them more accessible and comfortable, but opportunities to provide increases to service level through that specific program of work are limited because of the primary objective of replacing the existing equipment. We do seek input on all new construction and policy projects and these consultations are open to anyone in the city.  Where budget permits, we do make upgrades or modifications to integrate what we hear whenever we can.  Here are some projects where we have made improvements targeted towards serving a broader audience, including adults and seniors, based on what we heard:

  • Addition of pickleball lines at all courts & new accessible pathway connections to improve access at St. George’s Park (ongoing)
  • The installation of a new trail at W.E. Hamilton Park to create an accessible, ATN compliant trail route (ongoing)
  • Inclusion of adult fitness equipment, games tables, community gardens and pollinator gardens etc. in Courtney, Goines and Mallot Park (complete) and Cedarvale Park (complete)
  • Primary and secondary shade structures and seating along new trail adjacent to the skatepark (complete)
  • Ongoing work to improve and expand our park and trail system to make it more accessible, more comfortable and serve a broader audience

If you have any questions about the Park Plan or upcoming park and trail projects please let me know. 

Thank you, 

Luke Jefferson

Manager, Park & Trail Development

Parks | Public Services

City of Guelph

T: 519.822.1260 x2527