Meeting day: Last Monday of the month
Time: 2:30 to 5:00 pm
Location: Room 4 at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre
Club Contact: Jean McClelland – Phone: 519-763-4881; email:

While experience is not necessary, an appreciation of photography works. Our annual fee is $24.00 to cover expenses and to help us give back to the Guelph Wellington Seniors Association (the GWSA).

2020 Spring INTO FOCUS Photography Club Review


IFPC has changed remarkably in our almost fourteen years.

We’ve grown in skills and membership with humour and with tears.


The name Evergreen Photography Club worked for quite a while.

Then we scoured the internet for an unused name to call ourselves and smile.


We later revised our format to improve our meetings and make them roar.

We formed committees to plan programs, field trips and lots more.


Our Motto was selected in a contest to let GWSA know our goal.

As was our business card which designates our role.


The monthly Themes hang in the Restaurant for all to view.

They entertain the folks who enter and there’s always something new.


Visit a meeting on the last Monday of every month to see what we do.

We change our content monthly to make it productive and new.


Hope to see you there if you like clicking and editing amazing shots.

We try to address everyone’s ideas and hope for lots and lots.


Jean McClelland, President

Check our website at to look at our many Galleries showcasing our field trips, monthly Topics and Challenges.


(photo of the Into Focus Photography Club at the Daynard Farm, near Guelph – Photo by Bill Adam)


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