Tuesday, August 3. Free Virtual Workshop.

Technology Information and Knowledge Sharing

10:00am – 11:30am EDT 

via Zoom platform & Dial-in option.

Workshop Facilitator: Noor Din, Founder and CEO, Human Endeavour / HOPE Resource Hub SALC

Topics covered in this Virtual Workshop:

1) Hands-on online banking demonstration

Through a real bank account, we will be show how various online tasks work e.g.

  • Login and tour of an online bank account
  • How to send or receive money?
  • How to make bill payment? Add a payee (e.g. a utility company) and pay bill
  • How to deposit cheque into your account online
  • View transactions completed and printing online record
  • Benefits of online banking for seniors

2) Question & Answer period

Free for Seniors Active Living Centres (SALCs), OACAO members and organizations serving seniors.

To Register visit: https://oacao.wildapricot.org/event-4419325