The GWSA has launched a new website as the previous one used some dated software and needed to retire.

Most information from the old site has been transferred to the new one, and we have added new elements and improved the functionality. The web theme’s font package is one many sites have adopted to reduce eye strain for most users.  Members should be pleased to see some improved speed, and we hope you will find the simpler interface easier to navigate so you can locate what you need quickly.

Each page has been redesigned and updated with new content and graphics we thought you would find attractive and interesting. We have tried to select images that reflect the multicultural richness of our members and the communities we serve.

You will find some commonly accessed elements right on the home page, including the latest news and announcements prominently displayed, and connections to more. You can quickly access the Sentinel, GWSA Email Updates, and Board Meetings from the main page, and post your volunteer hours. Those learning about Community Support Services will see a an information box right on the home page linking to all the details, also accessible through the Services menu.

The top menu buttons will take you to everything you need without confusing submenus. Activity groups are all together, with a section highlighting which are currently active. We’ll update this as things change. If you have enjoyed our Activities for Mind and Body links, they are right there at the bottom of the Activity Groups page.

Services deserve their own section, and that’s where you’ll find things like the Evergreen Kitchen, the Technology Centre, Computer Mentoring, Book Nook, Guelph Transit, and more. There’s lots to explore there.

Those looking to volunteer their time and energy, or contribute through donations or bequests, can check out the Support Us section. People can donate from there, and corporations will find how to get in touch.

If we’ve missed any glitches let us know so we can address them. There are many ways to reach us through the Contact Us page. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the new site and will visit it often.

-The GWSA Web Team