You are likely still a member!

GWSA memberships went ‘on hold’ on March 20, 2020.  That ‘membership clock’ restarted September 1, 2021 and your membership renewal date has been extended to provide the number of days you had left after we went ‘on hold’.

For example, if you old membership card shows an expiry date in August 2020, your five remaining months become available to use after September 1, 2021, and your new expiry date jumps into February 2022.

To make it all easy, a new membership card was printed for every member, and you can drop by and pick yours up at the Evergreen Centre now.  Your new card shows you new renewal date.

To become a GWSA member, you will either have to come into the Evergreen Centre to register in person or you can do so over the phone by calling the recreation line at 519-837-5699.

New Membership Card

New GWSA membership cards are available for pickup at the Evergreen Centre now.

Your membership card includes your name, telephone, and your new membership expiry date.  

Update Your Information

Your address or telephone may have changed, and we can keep in touch better if you provide your email.

We have some members with the same names. You can add a middle initial after your first name in the ‘First Name’ field if you like. Whatever you enter in the name field is what will appear on any printed membership cards and any addressed mail.

You can update you personal information at any time using RecEnroll.  

Go to RecEnroll

Join Your Groups through RecEnroll

Register for your Activity Groups or any new groups you want to join.

You will need to register for any Activity Groups through RecEnroll online or through a City recreation desk as at the Evergreen. Activity Group Leaders will rely on those lists to include members who have registered and paid any required fees. Activities are listed in RecEnroll once the group’s return-to-play plans have been approved and time and space have been reserved.

Go to RecEnroll