The GWSA members have elected the new Board of Directors for 2022-2023 as follows:

GWSA Board of Directors: 2022-2023.

  • Charlie Bishop;
  • Ken Fugler;
  • Pat Gage;
  • Donna Keating;
  • Wenda King;
  • Sam Marzouk;
  • Sam Montoya;
  • Elizabeth Steggles;
  • Janice Robertson;
  • Yvonne Thomas;

Ex Officio:

  • Adam Rutherford (City representative)- voting;
  • Brooke Gibbons (Secretary)- non voting;

Two more positions may be filled by board appointment for the one-year and two-year periods remaining in the vacated terms.

The new Board held its first meeting on June 21 immediately following the AGM and decided to delay the election of officers until orientation scheduled for late July.  The Board approved that Brian Smith and Roger Stevens stay on board as signing authorities until Board executive positions have been filled.

The biographies for the Directors are available on the website, or through this link: