Liz Sandals MPP to Announce Major Initiatives for Ontario Seniors on Tuesday April 3rd at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre

Several new programs will be unveiled for Ontario’s seniors which will include the following highlights

  • An expansion of OHIP+, making life more affordable for 2.6 million seniors and their families
  • Seniors will save an average of $240 every year
  • Ontario is planning to add 5,000 new hospital beds by 2022, and 30,000 over the next decade, thus meeting the changing needs of an aging population
  • Ontario is hiring a registered nurse for every home
  • Ontario is dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors and helping them lead safe, engaged, active and healthy lives
  • $750 savings for every senior household over the age of 75
Be sure to mark this Tuesday (April 3rd) at 10 am at the Book Nook at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre!
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Ross Knechtel

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