Although the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre is closed for the month of July, there is still lots to do around the GWSA.

The following activities have an active schedule in and around Guelph:

  • Canoe Club The Canoe club is open to members who have taken the mandatory 4-week training session offered in April. If you missed it, click here for  2019 training details.
  • Casual Bicycling Casual Bicycling group has a schedule from May through October. Please check their website for details on the weekly excursions.
  • Golf Group    The Golf Group has an active schedule throughout the summer months. Click here for the golf schedule.
  • Photography Club The Into Focus Photography Club has an active year-round schedule of activities from January to December. Click here for these details.
  • Walking Club The Walking Club has scheduled walks from May through October. Click here for their schedule.

So, you see that the GWSA is an active organization, in spite of the Evergreen closure during July.


Construction Update (as of July 12th)

The Evergreen Seniors Centre construction project is progressing well. Passersby can see that the surface layers of asphalt have been removed from the parking lot and the interlocking pavers have been pulled up from the walkways. In addition, the waterproofing membrane has been replaced; new curb cuts have been added; and other small enhancements have been completed.

Staff have been busy with a variety of tasks inside the Evergreen Building. They have refinished the floors in the gymnasium and room 4; deep cleaned all furniture and windows; and repainted the kitchen. Now, they are working on the kitchen including steam cleaning oven hoods and all stainless steel components. Professional cleaning of all surfaces (tile floors, kitchen mats, counters, etc) is slated, too.

The ambitious work schedule for the summer project is on schedule. The facility manager and his staff look forward to welcoming Evergreen and GWSA staff; visitors; and GWSA members back to the refreshed Evergreen Centre in early August.


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