GWSA Strategic Plan: Input by Mar.1

by | Feb 7, 2021 | Directors, GWSA News

The GWSA Board of Directors is seeking your input on our strategic planning efforts over the last several months. Strategic planning offers a number of benefits to any organization and the GWSA is no exception. A well-crafted strategic plan creates a focused vision or direction for an organization. It serves as the lodestar for board and staff decisions and is an effective communication tool for members and funding agencies alike. Over time, the GWSA has engaged in the strategic planning process but the most recent plan only carried us through 2015. Our organization has been overdue for another round of conversations about the direction of the GWSA and the coronavirus pandemic highlighted some of our most critical needs.


Over the last several months the Board of Directors, with input from staff and City partners, has engaged in extensive discussions about our desired direction. We’ve identified three strategic priorities and are seeking member input. They are:


Our organization                    

Sustainable and viable organizational structure and resources (human, physical, technical, and financial) needed to support the future needs of the organization.


Our members and services   

Transformation and growth are needed in GWSA services to address changing need and growing population in both Guelph and Wellington.


Our voices                              

Communication needs to be widespread and available in a variety of formats to members and the community.


We’ve posted a survey on the GWSA website and ask that you let us know whether you agree or disagree with the priorities we’ve chosen. For each strategic priority, our survey provides an opportunity for additional comments from you. In the coming months, we will review your input and revise our plan before setting operational goals to implement the vision all of us have for the GWSA.


You can read the draft plan here:


To respond to the survey, please visit:


Please submit your response by March 1, 2021.


Thank you for your ongoing support of the GWSA and for your thoughtful input on this important project.


All the best,

The GWSA Board of Directors