If you are finding time long on your hands, you might want to try some links from our “Activities for Mind and Body” collection.¬† We have been building this series of web links over the past couple of years, and some incredible content is available.

You can take a relaxing walk through the rainforest, go canoeing in 360 degrees, tour a city or museum, play online games, or learn more about the kinds of activities you can get involved with at the GWSA! Watch live webcams from zoos around the world. Ride a roller coaster. There is something for everyone!

One of the latest and amazing additions is Heygo, in the Travel section, where you actually participate in livestreamed¬† tours as they happen and interact with the guides. It’s free to sign up and participate, but you may find some prompts for tips at your discretion.

You can check out the latest information here:


Activities for Mind and Body