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by | Dec 2, 2020 | External

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 We are hosting our third webinar on December 14th. Our special guest is Linda Hasenfratz, CEO of Linamar, Guelph and appointee to the Ontario COVID- 19 Vaccine Distribution Task Force.

Register at this link:…/register/WN_zz_u8CkUQ36IuNdLP9-XBw

We will have time to answer many vaccine questions and discuss how to cope with the upcoming, very different Christmas season.

From Dr. Zajdlik:

Technology developed for a time like this:

I am very proud today. I am proud of a country that has made decisions that have protected our citizens, a government that was first in line to purchase vaccines while they were still in the research phase and proud of an institution like Health Canada that took the time to let due process proceed before approving a COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine and others that will follow is what will turn this pandemic around. It is the final tool in our COVID-19 toolbox.

Please, please, please. We are not out of the woods yet. It will take time before we are a vaccinated population. The consequences of letting our guard down, taking our masks off and gathering with others will be dire. COVID- 19 is an ugly disease. Many are lucky enough to have only mild symptoms but we cannot predict who will manage the disease well. Imagine living for days with a high fever, incredible body pain and worst of all, severe shortness of breath. Imagine your symptoms progressing within hours. Imagine arriving at an emergency room where a skilled person sedates you and puts a tube in your airway…..Imagine that moment before you are unconscious, the horrific fear of losing complete control and not knowing if you will survive. Imagine becoming a ‘long-hauler’ with disabling symptoms that last for months.

That terrifies me. What separates me from that fate at this moment is a mask and strict physical distancing. I can except that. I can live with that. We are so incredibly blessed that science and technology have progressed to this point where a safe vaccine is ready for distribution in less than a year. Thirty years ago, ten year ago, the virus would have run its course, killing millions. Imagine living with that fear.

We have so got this. We are winning. Please stay the course. This spring will be so much brighter. Be of great cheer.

To learn more about this vaccine and the incredible technology behind it these videos are available. I will write posts over the next few weeks that will review why this vaccine is safe and effective. We have time to become completely reassured.……