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The Feeling Better Move Well Program is a volunteer facilitated program which provides gentle exercise either in participants’ homes or in group settings.

The In-home gentle exercise program serves individuals (55+), living independently in the community who cannot participate in conventional exercise programs outside of the home. Barriers preventing involvement in conventional exercise programs include lack of transportation, poor functional health status, impaired mobility, cultural/linguistic barriers, financial challenges and cognitive challenges. This program is especially suited for individuals who have completed health sector funded physiotherapy.

The group exercise program serves individuals (55+), living independently in the community who wish to remain active and participate in a low/no cost, gentle exercise program near where they live. A $2 donation per class is gratefully appreciated.

Program participants will experience improved functional fitness to carry out activities of daily living, supporting the ability and confidence to continue to remain living independently.

Through regular physical activity, participants will experience:

  • improved endurance, strength, flexibility and balance
  • a reduced risk of falls
  • improved ability to manage chronic conditions, and
  • improved quality of life through opportunities to socialize, reduced isolation, and encouragement and motivation to participate in regular exercise.

To find out more about program locations or provide a referral, please call the CSS office at 519-837-5696.

Donations may be made to the Community Support Services through the Donate link on the Navigation Bar of this website.

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