Fee Assistance in Recreation (FAIR): 

The Fee Assistance in Recreation Program (FAIR) can be used to reduce membership dues and program fees by as much as 80%.

The GWSA contributes each year to the FAIR program to ensure that our GWSA programs and those offered by the City of Guelph remain accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. No person should be excluded from programs due to finances.

If you would benefit from this support, or know anyone who would like to join our activities but has a tight budget, please access the links below for more information and an application form, Completed applications can be left at the Evergreen Desk.

We try to be here for everyone, and this is a great way to encourage new people to participate!

Fee Assistance

If financial need is a barrier, financial support for membership and program fees is available through the FAIR Program:

Learn more about programs here: