Hello Flower Friends….

Let’s just say that all of us are “in full Bloom”…we are conditioned and seasoned with constant changing seasons and temperatures but let’s yell from our decks, balcony or front doors to our condos or apartments…it’s SUMMER …..yahoo…it’s SUMMER !!
So it’s time !!!  Go ahead …….dispose of that limp poinsettia, cut back those creeping vines, dump those dried arrangements, slash all paper, silk and plastic flowers ( they only collect dust anyway) and search out the freshest, most seasonal flowers available…..make up balcony baskets or boxes or put out urns …..get really wise and healthy and plant veggies in your containers for salads to munch on all summer.
Hopefully the ‘SPIRIT” moves you and you’ll be elbow deep in planting soil soon….take pics and write a short article on your gardening experiences and submit it to the Sentinel for the September issue.
Remember the due date for Sept is August 1st  ….send your pics and articles to Linda Green and Carol Croft at the Sentinel and Ross Knectle the GWSA Web Master to have your article placed on our Web Site.
Happy gardening.??????
So what is my MAIN MESSAGE for this June issue..
                  ??????    AGM        AGM      AGM        June 26th…Doors open at 1.00-pm
We will be honouring GWSA Volunteers who have dedicated countless hours to a variety of Activity Groups during their many years as a Member and Leader at the GWSA.   Our Mayor Cam Guthrie will open our AGM and City Councillors ,June Hofland, Phil Alt, James Gordon and Andy Van Hellemond will share some humorous experiences as GWSA Members.  Our Choir the SILVERTONES will entertain us with songs they sing at the Retirement Homes they visit throughout the year..
PLUS…….great new feature this year at the AGM……… The Activity Group  ( there are 44 of them..) which has the greatest number of Group participants attending the AGM on June 26th will get a PIZZA PARTY courtesy of the Board of Directors.
 Plan to attend and enjoy refreshments, music,and business items… chat with your Board of Directors and meet the new Directors who will take over for those who have retired from the Board.
June is Seniors month and as always we have lots to celebrate and events to attend:
HIGHLIGHTS…..mark your calendar
June 12th  The GWSA Line Dancers will be in Riverside Park demonstrating various Line dances as part of the City of Guelph’s “Pop Up in the Park’ event. The Line Dancing Activity Group will be across from the children’s playground and the Carousel from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. Bring your family and friends and get involved in the dancing…easy to learn and the music is toe tapping great !!
June 14th  SENIORS Month FLAG RAISING at City Hall.  Meet the Walking Activity Group across from the Enabling Garden at 10 am and join the Group to walk downtown and raise the SENIORS Flag with Mayor Cam Guthrie at 11 am.
June 17th Dad’s Day…enjoy
June 22nd  Lloyd  Longfield M.P.  Presentation in the Book Nook 10.am to 12.pm  ” Changes to Seniors’ Pensions”
June 26th A.G.M.  Doors open at 1.00pm see the write up above.
REMEMBER :  The Evergreen Centre is closed JULY 2nd to AUGUST  7th
I wish everyone a very relaxing, re-energizing, healthy and happy summer break.
Our next Sentinel is September and then it will be FALL.
take care dear Friends,
You’re part of a large Group of 2,600 dedicated believers who all say…………BE  ACTIVE…..GET  INVOLVED….MAKE  FRIENDS….that’s the true
spirit of peace and harmony.???
Best always,  Dorothe Fair, GWSA President

BE ACTIVE GET INVOLVED MAKE FRIENDS … it’s our motto and recipe for a happy life.



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