Hello Everyone,
Phrases like ‘blinding, blowing snow’, ‘expecting up to 15 centimetres’, ‘it’s a slippery drive’, ‘bundle up there’s a wicked wind’ and ‘don’t forget to get your flu shot’ are messages we’re tired of hearing. Where is Wiarton Willie?? I need to talk to him!! It’s time for us to say, “Enough frigid Arctic weather; come in warm and gentle Spring.” But for now get cozy, read on and get caught up on last month’s events and exciting events to come.

1. The GWSA presented a final report to the City General Manager, Parks and Recreation Department, Heather Flaherty outlining our Programming needs and requests for the new proposed South End Recreation Centre (SERC)–2020-2021.

The GWSA SERC committee gathered input from the Activity Leaders through the Program Committee Co-Chairs, Kerry Detlor and Tony Pellizzari. This input was greatly appreciated and helpful in compiling our Report to the City.

REMINDER: Our Activity Leaders have a very important role in communicating information from the GWSA Board to their Group Members and bringing comments and suggestions back to the Program Committee which is then documented in the Program Committee minutes that all Board Directors receive.

This is why we emphasize the importance of ALL ACTIVITY LEADERS attending the monthly Program meeting.

Here is a list of the topics the GWSA SERC Report covered:
1. Common areas for welcome, socializing with WI-FI access.
2. Designated scheduled Seniors Days to offer Seniors programs.
3. Accessibility: Handicap Parking, Transit and Mobility bus schedules,
location of washrooms.
4. Multi-purpose rooms (kitchenette), generous storage for program equipment and supplies.
5. Reception and registration counter for GWSA members.
6. Use of shared space: walking track, gymnasium, outdoor trails.
Very high Priority: STORAGE, STORAGE, STORAGE and PARKING, PARKING, PARKING! I’ll keep you posted with any future developments.

This is a wonderful offer for Seniors. The River Run Centre is pleased to announce the return of the Windjammers, Pops Wind Ensemble. This much anticipated concert will mark the group’s 25th Anniversary. River Run is pleased to offer FREE transportation from the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre departing at 6 pm on Tuesday, May 29 and returning after the performance to the Evergreen Centre. Use Promo code GWSA when purchasing your tickets so we know how many would like transportation. For information and tickets, call 519-763-3000 or see the ad in this Sentinel.

Dear GWSA Member: I’m trying to reduce thebarriers for you to get downtown and attend events in Guelph so please take advantage of this FREE Transportation and enjoy a very entertaining performance of outstanding music. Many, many thanks to Angela McEwen, Co-ordinator of the River Run Centre.

3. GWSA Board of Directors: Recruitment The GWSA wants YOU to join our dynamic Board. Bring your enthusiasm and leadership strengths and be part of our SUCCESSION Plan. The opportunities are endless for you and we’ll design a time commitment that suits your personal “Freedom after 55” lifestyle. Contact me to find out more about becoming a Director on the GWSA Board: dorothe.fair@gmail.com. Let’s have a coffee/tea and chat.

I’d like to leave you with a ‘funny-bone’ giggle: “My daughter didn’t do as well on her driver’s-ed test as she’d hoped. It might have had something to do with how she completed this sentence: “When the _________is dead, the car won’t start.” She wrote : “Driver”. Oops!!

See you next time!! Please don’t forget my card with contact information is at the front counter and I’m at the Evergreen Centre on Mondays.

Take care dear friends and join us at your GWSA hub where your can:

Talk to you in April,
Dorothe Fair, GWSA President


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