Welcome BACK!!!!

What a summer!!! After this sweltering heat, I’m becoming more convinced the earth is experiencing ‘Global warming’.

I think we experienced the hottest summer in decades. The humidity was like the tropics and my attempt to save the hydro by not having A/C came back to haunt me. So here I am in August writing my message for the September Sentinel, dreaming of the cool temperatures and colours of fall. But really, I’m not wishing our glorious summer away.

During our shutdown in July to repave the parking lot, put in new sidewalks and upgrade numerous projects inside the building, the GWSA Activity Groups took either a month-long summer holiday or they found another location to meet and continue on with their Activity. The Line Dancers and the Dart Group told me they had fun going somewhere different for the month, but they were happy to come home to the Evergreen Centre when it reopened on August 9.

The regular summer Activity Groups that function away from the Centre, like Canoeing, Walking and Golf, weren’t disturbed by the closure. They lathered up with tons of sunscreen, sun hats and sun glasses and carried on.

After talking to many of you and hearing your summer heat stories, I’d like to encourage all of you to get your calendars out and set a few new goals for this year at the GWSA as the temperature drops and you don’t mind getting outside again.

Here’s a suggestion for you: Plan to join an Activity Group you’ve never tried before. Remember, you can try a new group for FREE to find out if you like it and want to stay. Here’s how you do it: Find out when the Group is meeting. Look up the GWSA Groups and Activities Contact Information page in this Sentinel and contact the leader. Every Group Leader’s contact information is listed. Call and ask the Leader if you can come to the class to check it out. I can guarantee you will receive a warm welcome to come to the Group and BE ACTIVE, GET INVOLVED and MAKE FRIENDS.


I especially like our September Sentinel as it gives me an opportunity to share information and Special Events you can look forward to.

  1. The GWSA had an excellent AGM on June 26 with a very special tribute honouring 4 dedicated GWSA Volunteers who have given a combined 48 years of volunteering to the GWSA Members. George Hughes, Ken Hills, Ross Coulter and Judy Montgomery were recognized in a speech given by a GWSA Member who knew them well. Ken Chupa spoke about George, Ted Pritchard spoke about Ken, Nellie Jagt spoke about Judy and Darlene Pembleton and Ann Sneyd spoke about Ross Coulter. A special certificate was given to each of them and they all received a standing ovation.

This year we offered a PIZZA PARTY to the Activity Group(s) who had the greatest attendance. Since this AGM had the largest group of attendees we’ve ever had, it was no surprise there was more than one Group who won and the smaller Groups have been invited to join the Line Dancers (Winners) for Pizza. If you couldn’t make the AGM, ask for your copy of the Annual Report at the front counter to see the pictures and read the articles on each of the committees and events for the 2017-2018 year. As we know, it takes many, many people to help prepare and deliver an incredible event like the AGM. But I’d like to personally thank and recognize 3 incredible ladies who worked tirelessly to ensure every detail of the AGM and the Annual Report resulted in an end product that was nothing less than excellent. Jennifer Blackie, Board Secretary, and Carol Croft and Linda Green (Sentinel Staff) deserve a standing ‘O’. I can hear the applause now from everyone at the GWSA. Everyone is incredibly appreciative of your contributions.

  1. The GWSA has approved the budget to purchase two outdoor benches to support Seniors and the Community. One bench will be on the curve of the hill where the walk from the parking area by the Enabling Garden can be exhausting, especially on bad weather days. The second bench will be by the transit stop on Woolwich St. at the entrance to the parking lot. Seniors can rest as they wait for the long light to change or for the bus. I’d like to thank Manon Germain, Chair of the Older Adult Leadership Team, for providing the leadership and dedication in getting this “Bench Launch” Project underway.
  1. The Chamber of Commerce Community Awards Event – please read Ross Coulter’s article in this Sentinel to see how close the GWSA came!
  1. HATS OFF to TRINITY UNITED CHURCH, 400 Stevenson St. North, for bringing the neighbourhood together with FOOD TRUCKS at the church parking lot every Friday until September 28. FOOD TRUCK FRIDAYS are from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm so take a chair, your family and friends and head out to a Neighbourhood Gathering where you can enjoy a variety of tasty food and great conversation with people who live on your street or around the block. This is a terrific idea and the GWSA is 100% supportive of any event that brings us all together.
  1. Calendar of Events
  • August 30: 4 GWSA Board Directors will attend a LEARNING ALLIANCE workshop at ImmigrantServices called “Building Bridges Through Authentic Interactions.”
  • September 12: NEW MEMBERS Welcome Reception
  • September 13: Volunteer Appreciation – 11:30 to 2 pm.
  • September 25: CSS Education Series starts – see ad in this Sentinel.


  • Friday, November 9 at 2 pm; Evergreen Seniors Community Centre

The Silvertones Choir will provide a special event of music & songs. Military memories shared by GWSA Seniors will be captured through video interviews. Last year was the first time we presented this military history through song and stories and more than 250 people attended. Please mark your calendar now and join us as we sing the songs from WWI and WWII. It is an event that recognizes family or friends that were or still are involved in the protection and preservation of Canada’s beliefs and the contribution Canada has made to world peace.

I’m looking forward to seeing you every day in the halls, cafeteria, auditorium, classrooms and, of course, the heart of the Evergreen – the beautiful BOOK NOOK. Remember, my card is at the front counter; please contact me with any concerns or ideas to help all the volunteers make the GWSA the very best place to

“Be Active… Get Involved… and Make Friends.”

See you next month,

Best always,

Dorothe Fair, GWSA President



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