The Connecting Circles: Social Change Series is a gathering of intergenerational participants in Guelph and Wellington County to learn, connect and build back better as a community, post pandemic.

Each Monday night we will be unpacking a topic of social change within our community – especially those which have been sorely needed during this pandemic (eg. economic equality, environmental protection, mental health support). Our main goals for this series is to educate participants on social issues, share resources and inspiration to help drive change in our community, and allow participants to make connections within their community to fight social isolation.

Each Monday night Circle will include a speaker (or multiple in a panel style discussion), followed by facilitated group discussions, activities and open Q&A. We want to enable participants to become changemakers in their own community and create a safe space for ideas to be shared and questions to be answered.

10C Connecting Circles are safe free opportunities for older adults and seniors in Guelph and Wellington County to virtually connect with people in their community. These weekly zoom calls are meant to bring adults and seniors together, encourage intergenerational sharing and bring some joy into peoples homes.

10C Shared Space is grateful for the support of our Connecting Circles community partners: The People and Information Network and Guelph Wellington Seniors Association.

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Connecting Circles is offered with support from the Seniors Community Grant Program, Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility, Province of Ontario.