PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to attend any one of the many committee meetings of the GWSA (shown below), please contact the Chair of the respective committee. All of the GWSA Board Members and the various Chairs of the GWSA committees may be contacted through the Contact Us page or by leaving a telephone message at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre @ 519-823-1291.

The standing committees of the Board of Directors are the following:

*Finance Committee (Chair: Nick Harris)
Advises and assists the Board and the Treasurer in the development, implementation and annual review of the financial policies and procedures and the financial operations of all of the activities of the Association. This committee meets on the Second Thursday of the month at 9:30 am in the Board Room.

*Program Committee (Co-chairs: Kerry Detlor, Tony Pellizari)
Plans, organizes and reviews all of our recreational and educational programs. This Committee meets on the First Thursday of the month at 9:30 am in Room 2.

*Membership and Marketing Committee (Co-chairs: Judith Carson, Gail Moore)
Responsible to the Board for all membership and marketing initiatives with the focus on maximum interest of members, based on the Strategic Plan of the Association. This Committee meets on the Second Tuesday of the month at 9:30 am in the Board Room.

*Travel Committee (Chair: Joanne White)
Explores, plans, publicizes, and promotes various trips of interest to our membership. This Committee meets on the First Monday of the month at 9:00 am in the Board Room.

*Governance Committee (Chair: Ken Chupa)
Advises and assists the Board in the development, implementation and review of the Constitution By-laws, and Policies and Procedures. This committee meets on the First Tuesday of the month in the Board Room at 9:30 am.

*Human Resources Management Committee (Chair: Dorothe Fair)
Implements the GWSA Human Resource Policy for GWSA staff, which includes anyone who receives payment for services. Reports on issues related to GWSA staffing.

*Food Services Advisory Committee (Chair: Jocelynn Desroches)
Gives advice concerning:
-the regular lunch room program – both hot meals and snacks
-guidelines for catering for special functions
-assures all Department of Health policies are adhered to regarding the service and preparation of food.

*GWSA Community Support Services Network (Co-chairs: Kathy Savage; Maryanne Wilford, Manager of CSS)
Supporting the continued development, implementation, accountability and sustainability of the GWSA Community Support Services. Providing expert guidance through peer support, community consultation and collaboration.

*Nominating Committee (Chair: Dorothe Fair)
Seeks people who have leadership qualities, who would be appropriate candidates for the Board of Directors and who are current GWSA members, or eligible for GWSA membership. Ensures that there is a full slate of candidates to fill the positions of retiring Board members. Makes recommendations to the Board regarding the list of GWSA Officers immediately following the AGM.

*The Sentinel Operations Team (Chair: Doris Thornington)
Defines the purpose and each of the content categories of The Sentinel newsletter.

*Volunteer Advisory Committee (Chair: Becky MacDonald)
Works to maintain communication between the GWSA Board of Directors and the Coordinator of Volunteer Services. This committee meets on the Second Wednesday of the month at 10 am in the Board Room.

*Variety Show Committee (Chair: Dorothe Fair; Director: John Snowdon; Producer: Barry Scutt)
Responsible for the organization and the production of the Annual GWSA Christmas Variety Show. This committee meets 11 times per year on the Second Friday of the month at 9:30 am in the Board Room.

*Fundraising/Special Events (Chair: Dorothe Fair)
Responsible for Friday Afternoon Dances which occur about every two months with themes related to the time of year such as Hallow’en, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Other events included the Give From the Heart Food Drive, Canada’s 150th , The Day Before ,the Mayor’s Mental Health Symposium & the 100 YEAR OLD CLUB !!


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