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Lymphedema 101 — Eating Well; Thursday February 7th, 6 to 8 pm

The next Lymph Learning event will be on Thursday February 7th from 6-8pm.  Our guest speaker is Angela Picot,  the Coordinator for the Food Fit program at the Guelph CHC.  Food Fit is an innovative program that pairs both light excise, food education, cooking and sharing a meal together.  This program is hosted by the Guelph CHC and across Canada by other community food centres!...

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Let’s Talk About Mild Cognitive Impairment: Free 1.5 Hour Workshop

In this session, learn about signs and symptoms, and how Mild Cognitive Impairment is different from dementia. The Guelph Family Health Team and The Alzeimer Society of Waterloo/Wellington are presenting this informative session at the Old Quebec Street Mall (Suite 212, 55 Wyndham St. N.) Register online at or call 519-837-0099.

Writers Wanted! The Ontario Society of Senior Citizens Organizations (OSSCO)

The Ontario Society of Senior Citizens Organizations (OSSCO) received a grant from the New Horizons for Seniors program to give Ontario seniors the opportunity to share stories about their lives.  LIVES LIVED: STORIES NORTH OF 50 is a program which both teaches seniors how to tell their stories (through our 4-6 week workshop) and encourages story submissions from seniors living throughout the province. The submissions can be...

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