The Book Nook has some exciting news!


The library volunteers are well into automating the library by scanning the entire Book Nook collection into our new “libib” software. This will be very useful to members!

The board approved the conversion which uses wireless bluetooth bar code scanning to record each item in the collection while providing images and helpful information that everyone can explore in the library- or right from your computer at home. The bar code scanners will also be used for checking out and returning the books.

You can view the hundreds of items that have been added so far.  You can browse the entire collection, and there are sorting capabilities to help find just what you want for when you visit. For instance, you can select just the hardcovers, paperbacks, or DVDs!

We are thankful to the many volunteers undertaking this task. We hope it will encourage more members to drop by this amazing space while visiting the Evergreen Centre!

You can view the Book Nook’s growing collection by clicking the logo below: