GWSA Board of Directors

The GWSA Leadership Team of 2016-2017

Please Note: All of the GWSA Board Members may be contacted by email  here or by leaving a telephone message at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre @ 519-823-1291. (Note: * Executive Committee)


(Ex-officio of all Board Committees; Chair of the Executive, HR, Sentinel, Nominating and Variety Show Committees)

Provides leadership to the GWSA Board of Directors and the Association according to the GWSA By-law to achieve the GWSA Vision and Mission. Receives and acts upon monthly committee reports, and reviews monthly financial statements. Studies ways and means by which seniors’ groups in general, and members in particular can best serve the community. Represents the Association and Board at public or official functions, and acts as spokesperson for the Association. Provides excellent service, working co-operatively with others and being responsive to the needs of the membership. Maintains a strong team that values mutual respect.


(Chair of the Governance Committee)

Ensures continuity of the GWSA Board operation in the absence of the President, and provides assistance to the President as required. Has all the powers and perform all the duties of the President in her/his absence or disability, together with other such duties as may be from time to time, assigned to her/him by the Board or the President. Represents the Board on Committee(s) as assigned. Conducts a yearly review of the GWSA Business Continuity Plan and up-date where necessary. Conducts a yearly review of the Business Continuity and the Pandemic Plans and up-dates where necessary.

*GWSA TREASURER — Gerry Schinck

(Chair of the Finance Committee)

An Appointment or appointed position.  Responsible for all financial reporting of the GWSA and ensures the integrity of the data. Provides excellent service, working cooperatively with others. Custodian of the books of account of the Association, and records all financial transactions of the GWSA, accurately and on time. Prepares and presents monthly financial reports to the Finance Committee and to the Board. Prepares payroll for all GWSA staff and remits appropriate payments and documentation. Reconciles bank account(s) monthly.

*Jennifer Blackie — Director

(GWSA Board Secretary)

Identifies and performs the duties of the GWSA Board Secretary in accordance with the GWSA Constitution and By-laws, to support the smooth operation of the Board of  Directors. Attends at a minimum of eight (8) Board meetings per year, and records, transcribes and distributes Minutes of all Board meetings, all Executive Committee meetings, the Annual General Meeting, Board Orientation Meetings, Strategic Planning meetings and other special meetings as required. Handles Board correspondence, and maintains a filing system for all GWSA documents, minutes, and correspondence. Prepares and distributes agendas for Board, Executive and Annual General meetings, in consultation with the President, ensuring that all outstanding agenda items are followed up. Receives and distributes all committee reports from Board representatives.

*Gail Moore — Director

*Judith Carson — Past President

(Chair of the Membership & Marketing Committee)

Identifies duties of the Past President of GWSA Board of Directors in accordance with the GWSA Constitution and By-laws. Facilitates the smooth transition and continuity of the Board’s operation. As well as being involved with the President’s and Vice-President’s’ duties and responsibilities as required, the Past-President is required to Chair the Nominating Committee, in accordance with that Committee’s Terms of Reference, and report to the Board, as required.



There are twelve directors’ positions filled in any year from which the President and the Vice-President are elected.  At the moment there are two Board Director Vacancies.

What a director does — Identifies the duties of a member of the GWSA Board of Directors in accordance with the GWSA By-law. Has skills in leadership, organization, problem-solving, conflict resolution and written and oral communications. Represents the Board on assigned committee(s). Reports Board issues to that Committee and reports the Committee’s issues to the Board. Performs other such duties as may be from time to time, assigned to her/him by the Board or President.

Ross Coulter — Director

Kerry Detlor — Director

(Co-chair of the Program  Committee)

Jean McClelland — Director

(Accessibility Co-ordinator)

 Doris Thornington — Director

Tony Pellizzari — Director

(Co-chair of the Program Committee)

Wendi Hake

(Financial Administrator)

Maryanne Wilford

(Manager, Community Support Services)

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