The management and administration of the GWSA is entrusted to its Board of Directors, elected each year at the Annual General Meeting which takes place in June. The officers of the GWSA are: the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Committee consists of the officers, the Past President, one other director and the City-appointed manager of the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre.  The Board meets ten times per year on the third Wednesday of each month. The Executive Committee meets the week before the Board meeting.


Kerry Detlor — Director

  • Co-chair: Program  Committee

Athar Noman Khan — Director

  • Co-chair: Program  Committee
  • Volunteer Advisory Committee

Jean McClelland — Director

  • Accessibility Co-ordinator
  • Membership & Marketing Committee
  • Travel Committee
  • President: GWSA Into Focus Photography Club

Adam Rutherford — Director

  • Program Manager – Programming and Community Development, City of Guelph

Hello GWSA members;

We are happy to report that the United Way has reinstated funding for GWSA to run CSS programs for another year. Pending a review of GWSA’s governance and successful program delivery outcomes in March 2020, we will receive the third year of funding from our previous award.

Over 140 members attended the special Membership meeting held Monday, May 13 in the Evergreen Centre Auditorium. Attendees came to cast their votes for new Directors and a collection of member-initiated motions. Thank you to everyone who helped with meeting setup and logistics.

The meeting opened with a statement from the Directors who remained after the April 24 resignations. They spoke of their commitment to more openness and transparency in routine governance matters along with their desire to involve GWSA members in future discussions about major policy changes. Members elected five new Directors nominated by the remaining Board:
Becky Fiedler – Computer Mentoring, Quilting Group, and special technology projects as needed
Ken Fugler – Canoe Club President
Ann Grant – Volunteer with CSS Gentle Exercise Program
Roger Stevens – Member of Canoe Club and longtime volunteer with CSS Outreach and Gentle Exercise programs
Mike Woof – Sound technician for special events
Ross Knechtel, a previous Board member, was nominated from the floor.

After the election of new Directors, everyone’s attention turned to the motions provided by the Save CSS campaign. The motions addressed the establishment of a trustworthy proxy voting process for the 2020 AGM; a recommitment to term limits for Directors; and, of course, support for Community Support Services. Another motion reminded the Board that GWSA is a membership organization and instructed the Board to revise Governance documents to more accurately reflect that fact and to increase transparency. Members voted to pass all motions and the new Board immediately agreed to begin working under the new rules.

If you would like to help shape the future direction of the GWSA, please consider volunteering for one of the organization’s committees. You’ll find committee descriptions and a form to indicate your interest elsewhere in this month’s Sentinel.

Your new Board will be hard at work preparing for the AGM on the 25th of next month. We hope to see you there!

To Contact a Board Member

  • Use the  Contact Us Page on our website
  • Leave a phone message with the switchboard (519-823-1291)
  • Leave a message at the Front Desk at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre


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