The management and administration of the GWSA is entrusted to its Board of Directors, elected each year at the Annual General Meeting which takes place in June. The officers of the GWSA are: the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Executive Committee consists of the officers, the Past President, one other director and the City-appointed manager of the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre.  The Board meets ten times per year on the third Wednesday of each month. The Executive Committee meets the week before the Board meeting.



  • Chair: Board of Directors
  • Chair: Executive Committee
  • Chair: Variety Show Committee
  • Chair: Human Resources Committee
  • Chair: Succession Planning & Nominating Committee
  • Chair: Special Events Committee
  • Ex-officio member of all Board Committees


  • IT Co-ordinator
  • Co-ordinator: GWSA Computer Mentoring
  • Executive Committee
  • Chair: Governance Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Chair: Succession Planning & Nominating Committee

TREASURER — Nick Harris

  • Chair: Finance Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • President: GWSA Evergreen Snooker Club

BOARD SECRETARY — Jennifer Blackie

  • Executive Committee
  • Governance Committee

Ross Coulter — Director

  • Membership & Marketing Committee
  • Program Committee
  • President: GWSA Writer’s Club

Kerry Detlor — Director

  • Co-chair: Program  Committee

Ross Knechtel — Director

  • GWSA Webmaster
  • Membership & Marketing Committee
  • Program Committee
  • President: GWSA Computer Club

Jean McClelland — Director

  • Accessibility Co-ordinator
  • Membership & Marketing Committee
  • Travel Committee
  • President: GWSA Into Focus Photography Club

Gail Moore — Director

  • Co-Chair: Membership & Marketing Committee
  • Volunteer Advisory Committee

Doris Thornington — Director

  • Board Representative to the Sentinel

Tony Pellizzari — Director

  • Co-chair: Program Committee
  • Finance Committee

Wendy Kornelson

  • Program Manager, Recreation Programs & Community Development – City of Guelph;
  • GWSA Committees:
    • Executive Committee
    •  Governance Committee
    • Finance Committee

To Contact a Board Member

  • Use the Contact Us page in the website menu
  • Leave a phone message with the switchboard (519-823-1291)
  • Leave a message at the Front Desk at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre


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