Older adults (60+ years) are needed for a nutrition study looking at how beans and beef affect appetite The study will involve:
• 1 screening visit (30-45 minutes)
• 1 study orientation visit (30-45 minutes)
• 3 study visits which will each involve:

 A 4-hour morning study visit where a breakfast tortilla bake
containing either red kidney beans, black beans or extra-lean
ground beef will be consumed

 Questionnaires about appetite will be completed periodically over
three hours followed by a pizza lunch

 Recording of food and beverage intake for remainder of the day

*Financial Compensation Provided*

This study is being conducted by the Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences and has received clearance from the University of Guelph Human Research Ethics Board (REB#22-03-28).

To find out more about the study and your eligibility as a participant, please contact:
519-824-4120 x58081 or [email protected]