The GWSA held its Annual General Meeting via Zoom on June 8.

If you wish to review the meeting information package, or the presentation, all of the documents are provided here. You can also take this opportunity to update your information on file so we can connect with you as needed.

This event has now been completed.

We look forward to seeing you at the next AGM in 2022!

GWSA Board of Directors

Voting at the AGM

The virtual format allows us to retain key features of an in-person AGM but with a few modifications.

You will still vote on important association business, but each motion will pop up on your screen with three choices:

  • in favour
  • oppose
  • abstain.

Once you make your selection, you’ll click the Submit button. Zoom will count the votes for us automatically, and we’ll announce the result.

We’ll go through instructions during the meeting and provide verbal prompts when it is time to vote.

Asking Questions

You may raise questions during the meeting by typing them to the moderator using the chat function in Zoom.  The same process will be used for discussion on motions prior to any vote.

Updating your Information

Organizing a virtual meeting will work best if we have up-to-date information. You can update that online at

The GWSA relies on members keeping their information current, and this is especially important when we have limited ways to reach you.

Please be sure we have your current email address, phone number and mailing address. In this way, we can reach you about member services and important information like the Annual General Meeting. All valid memberships have been extended through the state of emergency. You can “Edit your Account” to update information that is out of date. If you don’t have a password or have forgotten, just use the “Forgot your password” link to get a new password.