The Evergreen Canoe Club

The Canoe Club is at capacity for this season.

Anyone that is interested is welcome to get their name on the waitlist for 2023 season.

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Meeting day:  Thursday mornings

Club meets from May to September

Club Contacts 

John Ness, President at 519-994-8611 or

Linda Meyer, Membership Coordinator at [email protected]


The Evergreen Canoe Club was created in 2009 by like-minded knowledgeable canoe enthusiasts. The club mandate is to provide active seniors with an opportunity to increase physical activity through exploring the natural beauty of our local riverways while learning and improving on the many techniques of canoe navigation. Whether you are an experienced canoeist or someone new to the sport, the club training program can help you hone existing skills and learn new ones.

The season starts in early April with a Meet-and-Greet followed by two MANDATORY* in-class training sessions on subsequent Thursday evenings plus an in-water session.

New memberships are subject to successful completion of training including a canoe outing, usually complete by mid-May. This allows new applicants to see whether they will enjoy canoeing and to give the instructors an opportunity to evaluate their abilities.

*Note: Members will not be allowed to join the club if they have not taken the training sessions. In certain situations, an appeal can be made to the Instructors to consider past canoe experience.

Be aware that river canoeing requires a certain amount of physical exertion and dexterity that is beyond the level of some seniors. For your own safety and the safety of others, the instructors will not accept your application if you cannot demonstrate that you are able to enter and exit the canoe unassisted and that you can perform the required tasks necessary to navigate the canoe.

As a member, you can enjoy a two to four-hour canoe paddle every Thursday morning (weather permitting) along many of our serene local river systems, i.e. the Grand, the Conestoga, the Eramosa, and the Speed. Typically, groups are limited to 26 members at one time, with the occasional Friday trip added at the discretion of the trip leaders.

New season “Meet and Greets” are held on the evening of the first Thursday in April at 6:30 pm at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre.

Consult your Sentinel in the spring for more information or contact Linda Meyer, the Membership Coordinator at [email protected]

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