We came home for the holidays

From November 29 to December 01 the Evergreen Centre was Home for the Holidays. The weather outside might have been frightful, but the GWSA turned the auditorium lights down low and settled in for another delightful variety show.

Santa Claus was there for all three days, as were Elvis and the Doo Wop Girls, Red Green, the Sassy Strutters, Stephen Berryman, the Guelph New Horizons Jazz Band, Mary Lynn Woods, the Silvertones Choir, and the Suns of Beaches.

John McEgan, Peter Newman and Alan Pickersgill, members of the GWSA Into Focus Photography Club, took photographs during the dress rehearsal and followed Santa as he mingled with members of the audience during intermission on all three performance days. If you got to shake hands with Santa you can find and download a photo here.

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Alan Pickersgill

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