Hello Everyone, We have more exciting events coming in October, November and December that I want to tell you about.


OCTOBER 9 — Thanksgiving Dinner: check out Chef Jocelyn’s menu. OCTOBER 12 — Mayor’s Event for Mental Health. Mayor Cam Guthrie offers this free event every year in collaboration with the Canadian Mental Health Council. On October 12, the event is focusing on seniors’ mental health concerns and issues. The GWSA offered to host the event in our auditorium (since we are the hub for seniors in Guelph). Please register through Eventbrite or, if you don’t have computer access, please sign your name on the list at the GWSA front counter. You can phone in and add your name to the list too at 519-823-1291. We need to know how many will attend to assist us with the set-up in the auditorium.

OCTOBER 25 — Gatekeepers Training. Who are the GATEKEEPERS when it comes to SENIORS? 9am – 12pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to find out about the signs to recognize Elder Abuse on any level. Topics will be discussed like social, emotional and physical signs and what we can do if we think we see these signs. Please see the detailed article further in the Sentinel written by Manon Germain who will be our leader for this FREE and informative event. I plan to attend this event. It’s offered at the GWSA. After all, we are all ‘each other’s keeper’ and I want to know more on what we can do to help others. PLEASE plan to join us.

NOVEMBER 6 — Special Invitation from me to you. Monday, Nov. 6 at 2 pm. As your GWSA President, I will be delivering a special report to the Guelph City Hall Councillors on the MISSION and VISION of the GWSA. It would be very impactful to have you, as a member of the GWSA, join me by sitting in the gallery. Your support would be appreciated. Your presence will let City Hall know we are: ACTIVE INVOLVED FRIENDLY.

NOVEMBER 10 — Silvertones’ wonderful tribute “The Day Before”. The GWSA Silvertones and your GWSA Board have been working with the Guelph Legion to offer our seniors an afternoon of beautiful Military songs and personal reflections on the impact of military experiences on family members. The personal memories will reflect on those from past and current Military involvement in various roles such as Medical, Peace Keeping, Service Duty, Immigration and more. The songs will reflect the era and, if you came to our celebration of ‘Canada’s 150th and the GWSA 25th year Celebration’, you know how beautiful and touching the music will be. We are calling this event “The Day Before” because the themes and songs have been carefully designed to flow respectfully and with great admiration and appreciation into our Nation’s very special recognition of November 11. This is another free event but we will have volunteers collecting donations. All donations will be given from the GWSA to the Guelph Legion “Poppy Fund for Veterans”. Join us and bring a friend or family member to the GWSA on November 10 at 2 pm. We will set up a registration on Eventbrite that only indicates the number of people who may be attending. This helps us with the set-up in the Auditorium. If you don’t want to use Eventbrite, please call the front desk and have your name put on the list for Nov. 10 (519) 823-1291.

NOVEMBER 30, DECEMBER 1 & 2 — VARIETY SHOW This is a reminder to get the annual Variety Show dates into your calendar. I will have lots of details in the next Sentinel: watch for it !!!!!

Remember I’m back every Monday in the Board Room and if you want to chat, my card is on the front desk. Please email me or call and we can set a time for coffee at the GWSA. 

Hopefully your calendar is filling up with GWSA events and you’re living our motto: BE ACTIVE GET INVOLVED MAKE FRIENDS


Come back to this page again real soon!

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