On June 25, the Public Health Agency of Canada released new guidance for Canadians who are fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated or unvaccinated.  In addition, Ryerson University has developed a Risk Assessment Calculator to help Canadians assess the risk of visiting others. Both are described more fully below. 

New Guidance

Fully vaccinated individuals are defined as those who are at least two weeks past their second dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. This infographic briefly describes a variety of settings or activities and offers guidelines about masking and physical distancing for those who are fully vaccinated as well as those who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated. 

Download the complete infographic here. 

Risk Calculator

The COVID-19 Visit Risk Calculator and Decision Aid is a tool that allows you to assess your level of risk based on criteria you select such as age, sex, pre-existing health conditions and an array of visit considerations such as who you will visit with; what you will be doing; and where the visit will take place. 

The tool offers a quick assessment and a comprehensive assessment for users to consider. 

Visit the COVID-19 Visit Risk Calculator here.